Free PHP Web Design Template

How Does it Work

This is a basic HTML template with a linked CSS style sheet. The only difference is the index, header, and footer are PHP files. The header and footer are separate files which are called through a basic PHP include script.

Benefits of PHP Includes

Having elements that you will use throughout a site on every page can be called simply by adding the PHP include script. This allows you to:

  • easily make global changes to the header and footer
  • not have to modify each and every page on your site when changes to the footer or header are needed
  • simply change the header or footer and every single page on your site that uses them will be updated

How Much Does This Template Cost

This template is absolutely free. Simply modify it to fit your needs. The aesthetics of the site are from a tutorial template I used in an HTML for Beginners series. I just added the PHP include functionality to it.

If you like the template, then feel free to link back to Redefined Web Design.